10 things Android phones do better then other smartphone OS

We all know the iPhone, know how it works (or doesn’t work, in many instances). We know there is an app for just about every possible task on the planet. But an Android phone? You don’t really know an Android phone until you’ve worked with one. That’s when you’ll find how far you can push your mobile experience.

1: Browsing
Let me first say I do like the Safari browser on the iPhone. It’s fast, it’s reliable, it’s stable. But flexible? Flash? Yes Safari is the only browser for the iPhone, and that browser still does not do Flash. However, the Android browser is one of the best browsers on the mobile market. On  HTC Hero, it has Opera Mini, Dolphin, and the default Browser. I haven’t used Opera Mini since I used it a couple of times upon installation. Dolphin is outstanding, with its use of Tabs and Gestures. But the default Android browser just can’t be beat. It usually loads pages faster than Safari, has Flash support, and simply does everything a browser should do.
2: Desktop
Instead of just having icons littering your phone’s desktop (like the iPhone), the Android phone adds widgets to the desktop. These widgets tend to have an actual purpose. For example:
·         The Twitter Widget allows you to update your Twitter status from your mobile desktop.
·         The People Widget allows you to enable different actions for different contacts right from your desktop (say you want to call your girlfriend with a single click and text someone from a single click).
·         The Messages Widget allows you to instantly see your email from the desktop.
The Android desktop is on a completely different level from the iPhone desktop. To compare them is actually unfair. Apples to Éclairs as it were.

3: Connectivity
On one of the “pages” of HTC Hero desktop, it has four buttons:
·         Turn on/off bluetooth
·         Turn on/off Wifi
·         Turn on/off Mobile Network
·         Turn on/off GPS
These buttons let you instantly switch on or off the various connectivity options, which will go a long way toward conserving battery life. There is also an app in the Market called Y5, which will turn off Wi-Fi automatically when no known wireless network is available. To do any of this on the iPhone, you have to go into the Settings screen and navigate your way around the various options.

4: PC connection
Unlike the iPhone, you don’t need to have iTunes to manage your phone with ringtones, images and downloadables. Now, I say this with a bit of a chewed-up tongue because Android can’t sync with the Linux desktop yet. That’s okay for now. But Android can mount the SD card so that it is usable (via drag and drop) by any operating system. On this you can add music and files, which will then be usable on the phone. Simple.
5: Multi-notification
One of the issues I’ve always seen with the iPhone is its notification system. Basically, it depends upon a single system that not all applications have access too. For instance, if you are a Twitterer, you can find out if you have updates only by opening the Twitter app on the iPhone. With Android, the apps have access to the notification system and can all report. The notification bar on the Android phone can alert you to new voice messages, email messages, Facebook notifications, new Gmail, new text messages, and much more. If an app has a notification, it can let you know quickly, and in the background.
6: Endless personalization
I hesitate to place this on the list because so many readers seem to think user-configuration is worthless. It’s not. The Android phone allows users to configure their mobile to look and behave exactly how they want it. If you’re a social network power user, you can have a screen for Facebook, one for Twitter, one for texting, and one for Flickr. Or if you are a business user, you can have a screen for contacts, for your calendar, for gmail, for email, for RSS, and more. Not only can you configure the desktop the way you want, you can configure the behavior of your phone. Set up default actions for different contacts — even add an entirely different desktop, should you want. The possibilities are endless with the Android phone. With the iPhone, you’re pretty much limited to what Apple says.
7: Market
Yes, Apple has an app for that. But so does Android. And chances are, the Android app is free and works as well (or better) than the iPhone app. And, believe it or not, there are thousands of apps in the Android Market. Apple does not (at least yet) have a patent on an application for just about everything. Give it time though. And installing applications on your Android phone is actually easier than it is on the iPhone. For free applications, you don’t have to worry about entering a password every time you try to install anything. And you do not have to link to Apple’s iTunes store to purchase applications from the Android Market. For those apps that have a price, you enter your information on the Google Market one time and you’re done.
8: Google integration
This one is almost not fair, since Android was built with the intention of integrating with Google. But wow does it integrate well. Want to search Google? Simply click the search button, enter your search string, and you’re off and running. Did I mention Google Voice? Yes, the Android has an app for that.
9: Open Source
Why does being open make Android better than iPhone? For the same reason that being open helps Linux: a planet full of developers with the ability to aid Android’s developers. Anyone can get access to the source of Android to better the system. This is also a double-edged sword, in that it allows those will less-than-ideal intentions to discover any weakness of the phone. But that can be seen as an indirect plus because when weaknesses are found in the open source community, they are quickly fixed. I assume that this tradition will extend to the Android phone. 
10: Open to carriers
This is yet another reason why Android is superior. If you want an iPhone (at least for the time being), you better be open to AT&T. If you don’t like AT&T and you still want an iPhone, you better be open to doing a little jail breaking or move to another country. If you want an Android phone, you can join any number of carriers and have your choice of any number of outstanding phones using Android. No lock down.
Your take
What do you think: Are these reasons enough to understand  Android phone? If not, tell us why you prefer other phones. And if you aren’t sure, just grab an Android phone and play around with it. You might quickly change your mind.



10 Things to Save your Cellphone from Mobile CALAMITIES

Just today morning i was discussing with my students about How they can guide their Customers To save their phones from Mobile calamities.
Now a days people prefer to use top branded mobile phone and to buy these mobile phones you need to spend quit a big amount and even to repair it, if it causes some problem.

So we came up with few everyday accidents that may happen with  mobiles phones and how you can save your phones from being damaged by it.

1. Virus Attack

A smartphone virus can only spread through a medium where there is connectivity and data movement like infrared, bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. So unless you are not sure of what data is moved from other device to your phone don’t go for it.

Solution: Best way is to have a good antivirus always Active in your phone which scans every incoming and outgoing data. personally i less recommend it because it usually slow down the system. so you have to decide if theres need of an antivirus or no according to your threat perception.

2. Dust

we all know how easiely dust particles sattles inside the phone which creates minor to large problems in the mobile phones. Speciall in the city like Mumbai (Bombay) these dust sattles with the moisture so sometimes its more hazardous to our phones.
Now a days smartphones comes with glossy panels which only aggravates the problem.

Solution: A pouch can keep the phone safe from dust particles. (though not completely safe). Some pouches which comes with fluffy material inside; otherwise they tend to scratch as well. so be carefull while choosing your pouch.

3. Free Fall

These electronic equipment comes with very delicate parts inside, even a fall from less than 4 feet can wreak it.

Solution: Since theres very little we can do about this accidential fall, the best way is to enclose the phone in a protective cover (It’s different from pouch)

4. Water Resistance
We havent come across any of the water resistant phone except samsung marine. So make sure you keep your phone at safe distance from the water. So dont go Dancing in the rain with your cellphone inside your pocket. Water easiely finds its way in the phone and can lead to short circuit. In extreme cases there might even be a small explosion.

Do not drop the phone in water. Don’t take it to the bathroom or loo. and if phone gets wet, the first thing you need to do is take out the battery. and openup all the removable parts. you can follow my earlier blog “10 Steps to Save your water damaged cellphone” if this happens.

5. Over-charging.
Till few years beck many of the mobile phones didn’t have the software that will stop the charging when the battery reaches its capacity. However now a days almost all the phones comes with which can stop the charging process once the battery is compeletely charged. But what about the charget! it needs to be disconnected to prevent it from getting heated up.

Just make sure that once the phone indicates that the battery is fully charged you remove the charger from the socket. also you need to make sure that the battery is drained out before the next charging. as that can lead to a longer battery life.

6. Anti- Scratch
The Scratchguard screens are mostly designed for smartphones. there are also many phones which have hard screens, but at some point of time they develop micro-scratches. which can only be seen in natural light when the lights of the screens are off.

The best ways is to protect your screen is by using a good screen guard and a good cover. don’t keep your phone facing downside.

7. Short Circuit
The possible reasons are faulty battery, overcharging of battery or due to presence of moisture inside the phone. we have heard many cases about explosion of these cellphones which mostly occurs because of a faulty batteries of it. which leaks over the period of time and causes short circuit.

If the battery doesent show any sign of defectiveness (Except Blackberry phones), but you dont have to worry. If its unable to complete the charging cycle or it drains off quickly then there might be a battery related problem. in such cases it is advisable to take the device to the care center.

8. Over Discharging
Some times phones dosent switch on once the battery is totally usedup and doesent even show that battery charging animation on screen.

This problem mostly happens when the phones are kept ideally for long period of time (say few weeks or more) your phone wont turn on even immediately after charging. do not worry and be patitent, keep the charger connected. sometimes its so discharged that it cant even show thatmuch animation. it automatically will show charging after about 5-7 minutes.
Tip: Do not keep the battery inside the phone if you are going to keep it ideally for long time. there are chances of batery leak and may cause a big problem. thats the only reason why The companies give the battery saperately in the box

9. Insert SIM
This may sometimes happen if the SIM contactes has developed some non conducting material on it or if you don’t put the SIM right way.

Use an Eraser to rub the Golden part of your SIM to clean it. Go through your phone’s manual for the sim. sometimes if you put it wrong way SIM may get stuck inside. use proper tool to remove otherwise you’ll endup by damaging your cellphone.

10. Theft
Be carefull someones always watching you. amm.. im talking about thieves..dunt worry!!

Watch This Fabulous Ad of Samsung mobile phones with mobile Tracker.


If you loose your phone the first thing to do is calling up your Serviceprovider company and BAR your account. and the second thing is Complaining police about it.
There is no gaurentee that you will be able to get your phone beck but by this second step you can be ensure that your phone will not be missused. If you are using a smartphone, you should use a password and encrupt your valuable data. so no one can missuse it. always keep a beckup of the data. and if your mobile has a mobile tracker, Activate it. this will help you track your lost phone.

Please Share if you have More ideas.

Thanks for reading my Blogs 🙂

Hope you have a Great day!!


C7: First Ever Multi Touch Smart Phone With 8MP Camera By Nokia

Nokia’s Next and first ever multi touch Smartphone C7 with operating system Symbian^3 is Supposed to be its C-Series handset. 

Its An attractive piece of work as its made of  polished stainless steel and glass. there are romores that the handset would support Videorecording support upto 720p HD.

You can coustomize upto 3 homescreens so you make sure every thing you need quickly is on main screen itself.

Its prise is Expected to be anywhere between 20k to 22k

This is like Comparing Apples with Oranges 🙂

Here’s  Specifications area With Special Thanks to Fonearena


Unlock Your iPhone

Redownload file. NEW OPTION to ierase 3.9 bl basebands!
(This time i removed osx version because it still doesn’t work)
Well.. I think that’s enough testing… here you have ZiPhone !
It’s by far the most simple program to setup your iPhone.
Just run it and you will see it.
Windows + OSX versions !
The source IS available at
The latest version of ZiPhone is always available at:
Details on how it works and WHY it works, will be released on the above site or wiki.
No ‘dev-team’ was directly involved with this work.
This program is based on the work of everyone who
believed in free software. (Thanks for the toolchain!)
Thanks to geohot for his latest work.
Thanks to Tissy for moral support.
Thanks to iphone-elite.org for support.
Thanks to Viper and Tifel and ortner for being so nice always.
Thanks to iRev for the picture above and to Mel Brooks for
producing and directing such a funny movie.
And thanks to iphoneelite.com for giving me so many laughs too 🙂
As a side-effect, using this tool will revive many ‘dead’ basebands.
Just use the unlock option.
boot the phone in recovery mode.
then run: ziphone -u

A special Thanks To Ziphone Developers


10 Steps to Save your Water Damaged Cellphone

Ever dropped your cellphone in a Sink, bucket full of water or a toilet?
Getting your cellphone wet usually means you have to replace it. But some times if you are fast enough,
you might be able to save your Phone.

Follow the steps here to try save your wet cellphone.

1) Take The phone out of the water as soon as possible.
The cover of the cellphones are tight enough but water can enter the phone In short period of time. so grab your phone as quickly as possible!
dont try to switch the phone on,as this can cause internal short circuit.
if it has been in water, assume it needs drying even if it is working.

2) Don’t panic. your phone probably will not be too damaged if its taken out of the water right away. If phone’s left in ther for longer period like u droppd it in a water full of bucket and u got it next day morning will be cause for more alarm but its still wirth trying before giving up.

3) Remove the Battery
   This is the most important thing you should keep in mind. as the Battery is the only power Source of the Cellphone if taken out it would help prevent the further Damage inside the circuis.

4) Remove the SIM Card and all the peripherals of your cellphone. if you’r not sure about how to removeing it consult the manual guid of that handset.

5) Dry your phone. Even few drops of water can create corrosion and make bad contact. Wipe down the phone throughly using towel or paper towel.

6) Use a Vacuum cleaner if possible this will take out the stuck liquid droplets.Using Hairdryer is not advisable at this point of time because it blows air with pressure so there are chances that the water droplets may go more deep inside. This will Absorbe the moisture.
If somehow you can manage to disassamble the handset then only Hairdrayer can be used.

7) Store your handset atleast for 6-7 hours with Rice or Silica Gel.
   Keep the cellphone with uncoocked rice or Silica Gel packets for as long as possible (overnight).

8) after taking it out from the rice Clean your phone with towel. use the vaccume again if necessory.

9) Test your phone. check to see entirely on and in your cellphone is clean and looks dry. now reattach the battery and try turning it on.
   If phone still does not work try plugging it into its charger.
10) Taking the Cellphone to an authorised dealer. Some times they can fix it. dont try to hide the fact that it hasbeen wet. they are more likely to be able to help you if you explain what exactly has happened.

You can always take apart your phone if you are comfortable with it. all you need is a couple of screwdrivers and openers. if you can take out the main board (PCB) of the cellphone out of it. try 6th and 7th step dry it throughly and re assamble it again.


The Future of Mobility: A Flexible Wrist Computer

The developement in the technology is growing faster then anything. from old IBM computers to Sleak laptops and Bell telephones to Smartphones we have seen them becoming distinctly mobile since maney years. what people like is being connected, no matter where they are. so no doubt that mobilephones and wireless networking devices will keep getting more portable and easy to use.

Sony Nextep

The next generation of ultraportable Device designed by Hiromi Kiriki imagines this being a sony product by 2020

The Sony Nextep Gadget containing OLED screen rolls in to confirm the perfect fit to the wearer’s wrist.
so everytime you want to use it you can rollout to expose its twin holographic projector screen and split pullout keyboard.

Its designed to keep users connected to your social networking sites at all the times so you’re never more than a few folds and clicks away from your online network.
The design may appear very futuristic now but as we see the upgradation and inventions growing faster day by day, products like these coming into reality is not really far off.
Microsoft is also working for this type of gadget called Microsoft Surface which is one of a kind among these..


Walk when you text (Mobile Application)

Since Maney years Text messages have been very popular in its own way. Now a days people use it so often that their half of the conversation is done over text Messages for ton’s of reasons (believe me i know it). Even thats Dangerous, lots of reports in Media of pedestrians walking into traffic or running into other people, just because they were soo busy starring the mobile screen and writing texting message or replying to an email on their cellphone.

Numerous mobilephone application Developer thought to help those people out so they wont have to change their habit be safe as well.
These Application Basically turn beckground of your text message screen into a camera feed. so while walking and chatting over phone you can see whats coming on your way.

This Video can explain Batter.


For the iphone users there are few Applications such as Type n Walk, iType2go (With free Versions), Email n Walk and Text Vision. few applications even allow using twitter and facebook while walking,

Android users have Road SMA but this app is only available for Samsung Galaxy S phones.

Here’s the Demo

For users with Bada OS there are App like Walk n Write, and Type n Walk

Bad news for Blackberry and Symbian phone users there are no such app built till now as per my knowledge.
Please do Let me know if there are any in comments.


Smartphones and the future of mobile video

Its lot more easier than before. you don’t need to carry your bulky SLR camera’s or Video camera’s, its all embedded into one  Now a days Smart phones Comes with multifunction which enables users to  Share their thoughts in more expressive ways.

Check out this Slide Share Presentation:


Go Meet penguins of Antarctica from your phone Via Google Maps!!

Many of us hardly would get chance to explore the white glowing snowy streets of Antartica. So now at least it’s possible Virtually Through your mobile phone! Go in to your google map’s application or simply type m.google.com/maps into your mobile browser and here u go!!
google maps for mobile is available on most JAVA, Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile phones like ones from blackberry, nokia, motorola, Samsung & iphone
You can Even view on the Web live on Google Map
Use the navigation Keys from your keyboard or pick up the penguin and drop on another location on the Iceland.

The interesting story behind this is  of  Brian McClendon who Leads Earth and Maps Team at Google, himself visited along with his Wife And Captured the place to put it on the Street maps.