10 Steps to Save your Water Damaged Cellphone

Ever dropped your cellphone in a Sink, bucket full of water or a toilet?
Getting your cellphone wet usually means you have to replace it. But some times if you are fast enough,
you might be able to save your Phone.

Follow the steps here to try save your wet cellphone.

1) Take The phone out of the water as soon as possible.
The cover of the cellphones are tight enough but water can enter the phone In short period of time. so grab your phone as quickly as possible!
dont try to switch the phone on,as this can cause internal short circuit.
if it has been in water, assume it needs drying even if it is working.

2) Don’t panic. your phone probably will not be too damaged if its taken out of the water right away. If phone’s left in ther for longer period like u droppd it in a water full of bucket and u got it next day morning will be cause for more alarm but its still wirth trying before giving up.

3) Remove the Battery
   This is the most important thing you should keep in mind. as the Battery is the only power Source of the Cellphone if taken out it would help prevent the further Damage inside the circuis.

4) Remove the SIM Card and all the peripherals of your cellphone. if you’r not sure about how to removeing it consult the manual guid of that handset.

5) Dry your phone. Even few drops of water can create corrosion and make bad contact. Wipe down the phone throughly using towel or paper towel.

6) Use a Vacuum cleaner if possible this will take out the stuck liquid droplets.Using Hairdryer is not advisable at this point of time because it blows air with pressure so there are chances that the water droplets may go more deep inside. This will Absorbe the moisture.
If somehow you can manage to disassamble the handset then only Hairdrayer can be used.

7) Store your handset atleast for 6-7 hours with Rice or Silica Gel.
   Keep the cellphone with uncoocked rice or Silica Gel packets for as long as possible (overnight).

8) after taking it out from the rice Clean your phone with towel. use the vaccume again if necessory.

9) Test your phone. check to see entirely on and in your cellphone is clean and looks dry. now reattach the battery and try turning it on.
   If phone still does not work try plugging it into its charger.
10) Taking the Cellphone to an authorised dealer. Some times they can fix it. dont try to hide the fact that it hasbeen wet. they are more likely to be able to help you if you explain what exactly has happened.

You can always take apart your phone if you are comfortable with it. all you need is a couple of screwdrivers and openers. if you can take out the main board (PCB) of the cellphone out of it. try 6th and 7th step dry it throughly and re assamble it again.



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