Android Tablet to cost $200

According to PC Mag. AOC the Strong player in the LCD market is preparing for the launch of their new Android based Tablet named Breeze. The tablet will cost $200 (around Rs. 9000) and features an amazing specsheet that may create waves in the ipod and Tablet Pc market.

“In developing the Breeze Tablet, we were able to capitalize on our expertise in video displays and our strength in the computer industry to create a device that matches our 60-year reputation of providing quality and user-friendly products at a great value,” said Robert Velez, Marketing Manager of AOC, in a statement.

The AOC Breeze features an 8-inch screen that runs at a resolution of 800×600, a 600MHz Arm9 processor, Wi-fi support and 4 whole GBs of internal storage. along with that it comes with Micro SD card reader and USB support.  Breeze will be running on Android 2.1 Eclair.

Where Tablets were considered the high prise Gadget. AOC Breeze  with this prise tag will sure create ripples in the market.



Beck up your Android data over WiFi

i came across this  new easy to use application which helps take beck up of your Android device,  with lots of other functions like sync beckup contacts, images, videos, application, file, etc..

The best feature is we can do all this over the WiFi connection… so no need to waste time with wires.

The Application known as Andriod manager WiFi is available for free.

Screenshot :Messages

Screenshot : Contacts